Black content creators and black culture heavily influence social media trends. To many, Black culture is “cool” and aesthetically pleasing. Other demographics are quick to adopt trends that go viral from Black culture.

Take for example the renegade dance created by Black Atlanta teen Jalaiah Harmon. Business Insider states that more than 29.7 million users on TikTok tried out the dance.

Likewise, the now defunct Vine app owes its popularity to Black creators like King Bach who had over 16 million followers and created videos that went viral outside the app.

Everyone on Twitter knows that Black Twitter is a…

Since the pandemic began there has been an offset in some of the conventional content monetization methods. With this, content creators have been forced to explore new ways in which they can monetize their content.

While you’re wondering what this means, it might interest you to know that established channels of income such as ad revenue and brand sponsorships have dipped significantly.

This has made many creators wonder what the future of content monetization holds. To answer this question, we have to look to the past.

According to a 2017 survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, the most profitable sources…

Isaac Hayes III, Founder Fanbase Social Media Inc.

In 2018, Ghetto Spider’s video blew up on social media. Dressed in a latex superhero costume, Mille Batson danced to an 80’s hit song “Take Me” by a-ha in a Game Stop store in Memphis. While the people behind him were slightly amused, the internet went wild for his dance videos. Everyone was amazed by his moves and the Spider-Man costume earned him even more fans.

Ghetto Spider quickly shot to stardom. Currently, he has almost 1,000,000 followers on Instagram and 360,000 subscribers more on YouTube. I would like to say he was an overnight success and as soon as…

The show stopped for musicians and their fans as public gatherings were banned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Musicians are finding it hard to stay afloat as the live music industry has ground to a halt.

Influencers are not left out either. A lot of brands have slowed down on collaborations and advertising. Not only that, many influencers can’t make trips to Instagrammable locations to create content. They are also at risk of receiving backlash for posting content that they would have gotten thousands of likes for before the pandemic hit.

But despite all these challenges, artists and influencers are…

Isaac Hayes III

Tech Founder, C.E.O, The Estate of Isaac Hayes, Songwriter, Producer

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