My Favorite Songs: Week 7 (3/31–4/6/16)

First off, I would also like to apologize for this late entry. One thing I’ve stuck to since I began dieting was the idea of consistency. Becoming consistently inconsistent is bad, and it’s something I want to stay far away from.

I have been tracking my weight, using MyFitnessPal. Tracking my caloric intake in conjunction with my weight has turned it almost into a game.

I love seeing progress, and I’ve been seeing that. Perhaps it is one of the tangible things I was looking for.

This week’s radio show was so disorganized. I fiddled with looping, which turned out alright. Next week’s show will probably be a similar tracklist with much better transitions.

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Without further ado, my top 5 favorite songs of this week.

5. Insane (TRAILS Remix) — Flume

Insane (TRAILS Remix) [2016]

I hadn’t heard of TRAILS before listening to his remix of Mothica’s “You Will Forget Me” that I reviewed two weeks ago.

I happened to be on TRAILS’ profile, and came across this song.

I also began playing with loops this week on VirtualDJ, and I thought I made a pretty cool loop with a segment in the beginning. Regardless, this song is pretty ‘generic’ sounding, but generic isn’t bad.

0:46 sets a nice tone for the song, but I feel as if the song ‘maintains,’ and doesn’t really ‘improve’ from that point.

However, at 2:21, the song takes a quick turn into a more ‘bassy’ and too harsh sound for me.

What I enjoyed the most about this song is that it gave me a reason to listen to the original “Insane (feat. Moon Holiday & Killer Mike)” by Flume, like I do with most remixes.

I love the original, even more than this remix.

While I could’ve written about the original, I feel as if I owe something to TRAILS for pushing out a remix, as I am not entirely sure as to whether I would have come across the original on my own.

the only risk is that you’ll go insane

4. When U Need Me — Mura Masa

Someday Somewhere [2015]

This past week, I have re-visited Someday Somewhere [2015], and have found myself enjoying so many of the songs. I feel disappointed that I hadn’t listened to the album earlier, but I’m also glad I didn’t.

The song’s introduction paints an old-style film setting with the effervescent and almost youthful sounding harp, which is accompanied by the smooth piano chords.

This song in particular stuck out to me, as I knew I was going to like the song as soon as it started.

It feels like a timeless song, barring the high-pitched vocals. In some ways, I’m glad I didn’t hear this song when it came out over a year ago, as I feel as if it would hold some kind of sentimental value to me and represent a period of time.

I’ll get there / I’ll get there

3. No Other Way (feat. SNAKEHIPS) — Sinead Harnett

After hearing Sinead Harnett on Disclosure’s Boiling,” I was immediately captivated by her vocals.

Eager to hear more, I had no such luck. Until I ran into this song about 2 years ago the day of its release.

This song is almost too easy to like, as the lyrics are delivered effortlessly with nice instrumentals by SNAKEHIPS, per usual.

This has been one of my favorite songs since its release, and it remains to be one of them.

It’s almost too easy to like.

cause it won’t be no other way / when you can’t find the words to say / let your head go, just let go what you’re holding on, holding on / come lay down next to me / you’re only gonna find yourself some peace / if you let go, really let go what you’re holding on, holding on

Thanks to SoundCloud’s new ‘preview’ system, the whole song is not available on SoundCloud unless you have a ‘go’ account

2. Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise) [Lido Remix] — Flight Facilities

Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise) [Lido Remix] [2014]

I suppose I knew I liked this song when I heard the piano. I have a ‘soft spot’ for piano in music, and find it much easier to end up liking a song if it features piano as one of the centerpieces or focuses of the song.

One thing that I’d like to point out is that I think this song’s composition is much better than that of its original. While I don’t say this to discredit Flight Facilities, I really just had a hard time enjoying the original, while this version felt a lot more organic.

Emma Louise’s vocals are incredibly smooth, and feel nonchalant. I just feel as if Lido curated a better beat than the one in the original. While both the original and this remix feature the same vocals by Emma Louise, Lido created a much stronger, and much smoother beat.

At 1:41 the song kicks into another gear, and picks up with the clock ticking samples, which I found to be a focal point for me in the song.

The two chord combinations at the end feel right, and I think it’s a fitting ending.

This song is so nonchalant, with sort of ‘twisted’ lyrics. 
A very melancholy and somber song. A solid one though.

time and space to try and heal me / I know what I want, so come over and / hold me, I won’t ask for anything more / I’m hurting, use me now when I’m vulnerable / it helps me fake some love for a little while / I know what I want, so take advantage of me

  1. Adore (feat. Ariana Grande) — Cashmere Cat
Adore [2015]

I’ve been waiting to make this my number 1 song for a long time, but none of the weeks felt right. I remember listening to this song when it came out a little more than a year ago.

I listened to this song while visiting colleges.

The memories attached to songs are more important than the actual song.

When I hear this song, I think of failure, rejection and a bittersweet triumph. I don’t really want to go into too much detail as to how this fits into my larger picture, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

Regardless, this song is interesting. The song is by Cashmere Cat, and FEATURES Ariana Grande. If we juxtapose this against Ariana’s “Be My BabyFEATURING Cashmere Cat, we are presented with a dichotomy.

It’s interesting what the word ‘featuring’ can mean, and in any context, it seems somewhat extraneous at times — as the featuring artist can sometimes make up the majority of the song.

In this case, when we compare “Adore (feat. Ariana Grande)” with “Be My Baby (feat. Cashmere Cat),” we see two different songs.

While I really enjoy both, it’s easy to tell who the featured artists are on each song.

Without getting into too much detail as to what “Be My Baby” is like, it takes a much more ‘conventional’ approach, as Ariana is a pop star. Taking a less-risky approach make sense.

Adore” on the other hand takes a much more unconventional route, a la Cashmere Cat.

The song features Ariana’s slurred vocals, but they are accompanied by interesting samples, and the chords are much more aggressive.

The octave-spanning chords are filled with emotion, which are accompanied by strong bass hits. The parallel octaves really show off a style that belongs to Cashmere Cat.

This song feels sporadic, but controlled. This has been one of my favorite songs for over a year.

boy, so what’s been on your mind / for me, it’s just you all the time / we don’t need to go nowhere tonight / it’s you and I, we’ll be alright / ’cause here, we get to take our time / you, you’re finer than some wine / we don’t need to go nowhere tonight / it’s you and I, we’ll be alright

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