Do guys have heartbreaks ?

"Of course, Yes," I replied but I could imagine the surprise on her face.
She didn't believe me. She didn't think her ex-boyfriend experienced the kind of emotional pains she had contented with.
So I quickly added. "Or do you think we have hearts of stone?"
She broke into a smile. A contagious smile. An affirmation. Yes, men have cold stony heart!
Cold hearts?
Well, apparently, she seemed right. Men seem to move on so quickly and hop on the next relationship bus as though nothing happened.
"My friend, be a man," his friends will rattle at him. "Fish don finish for river?" they would painfully remind him.
But was this lover just one of the many fishes in the river of life? Was she just a fish unfortunate to bite the bait?
Statistics say that the average woman gains 10 - 22 pounds after a breakup, but they are silent about men.
Why aren't there statistics for men? Has culture trained us to "strong ya mind" and taught us to believe that "man no dey cry."
Well, I have had my fair share of heartbreaks and I don't have a cold stony heart. When we broke up, she left with the wind in my sail. 
I was shattered and confused. Many a times, I caught myself thinking of her, wondering what it could have been.
But I talked with no one about it. We had been trained to keep quiet.
But locked inside my frame, there it was - A RAGING FIRE !!!
I wish I had a book like, EYE OF NOWHERE: When Love Hits the Rocks
Thank God it is now available on Amazon worldwide and of course, okadabooks.
Heartbreak is not a woman's identity. It is a human journey in its quest for love. Eye of Nowhere will help you achieve this quest.
What do you think ?

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