The Madden Curse: Is Brady on The Chopping Block?

If you haven't heard of the madden curse you might not be a big football fan, if you have heard of this terror then you might be worried about the curse impacting the one and only Tom Brady. For those whom are unaware of this curse, its based off of the NFL video game series titled Madden NFL whatever year. The game started off by just having John Madden on the cover until they realized more copies would be sold if they put the past seasons hot athlete on the cover. That’s when the problems started occurring when after a person was put on the cover they either had a horrible season or just suffered a injury that took them out for the season and marked the downturn of many careers.

Now I’m writing about this because the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady was recently put up on the chopping block by being the Madden cover boy for this years release. While many people where worried about Brady succumbing to the curse and suffering a career ending injury this season, the all star quarter back seemed just fine, and to the anguish of many fans even challenged the curse in a video. He repeatedly said curses are not real while doing things that supposedly cause bad luck, such as smashing a mirror and walking under a ladder. Now we are six weeks into the football season and Brady has yet to suffer any horrendous injuries, there was one injury scare where he missed practice due to his left shoulder, but other than that he seems fine. The way the curse runs is different for every player, for some its a horrible injury while for others its the mark for a horrible season.

The main counter point to this argument is that the madden curse only impacts about fifty percent of the players on their covers, and the point made are true, Odell Beckham Jr. had an amazing second season nearly doubling every stat he had in the first one, Richard Sherman went on to be selected for the pro-bowl after an amazing defensive season, and the big kicker is Calvin Johnson “Megatron” whom after being on the cover set an NFL record for receiving yards in a single season. So why is the curse finicky or is it just simple superstition mixed with strange coincidences.

Both sides make valid points, because both sides are right in a sense. The curse has impacted the likes of Michael Vick, Troy Palumalu and most recently Brady’s teammate Rob Gronkoski, but its also been just publicity for other star athletes. Just a quick search of stats for Tom Brady’s 2017 season show how hes’ not really been impacted so far by the dreaded “Madden Curse”. From six games he has nearly 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns which puts him on track to beat his previous seasons statistics. However he has also thrown two interceptions while last season of 16 games he only threw two. On top of that he’s also fumbled the ball four times and lost the ball twice compare to last season where he fumbled five times and never lost the ball. The big kicker is the amount of times hes been sacked this season, Even though it is the offensive lines fault for letting their QB get hit, it might just be the curse kicking in and having the team lose their mojo, for the six games played this season he has been sacked 16 times, last season he played 12 games an was only sacked 15 times. That is a massive statistic ratio and this season is set to be the most Brady has been hit in one season ever.

Personally I think the curse is real, everyone on the cover has been impacted in some way, either through injury or bad team or a horrible season. However if any one player is going to be able to break this curse it would be Tom Brady the legend. But we still have half a season to go before all is said and done then we will see if the curse hurt him or was just another scare for the Pats.

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