HisWords Watch on your home screen

Earlier today, I released a new version of HisWords, version 2.2, which includes a brand new companion Apple Watch app! I figured, brand new platform, why not explore it further?

Like most Apple Watch apps at this point in time, HisWords Watch zooms in with laser focus on just one…

Two weeks ago I caved in to the wearables market, and ordered a Pebble watch. I figured, “if everyone is talking about wearables, wearing them and loving them, how bad can they be?” I never liked wearing a watch, because I found it uncomfortable, and only provided rare utility. …

I spent an afternoon tinkering in Xcode to get the Bible app HisWords up to scratch with the latest goodies from Apple. I unfortunately couldn’t spend more time than that since work keeps me in Xcode long enough during the week, and it has been a particularly busy few weeks.

Apple Pay is Apple’s most recent cloud service offering, looking to revolutionize mobile payments; actually just all of payments as a whole. Your wallet, that thick foldable pocket accessory that contains your bills and cards that have been with us since the start of time, is Apple’s primary target with…

Isaac Lim

iOS dev @Airbnb. I like making apps that look nice, and have some thoughts about tech.

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