Bible Passages on Your Wrist with HisWords for Apple Watch

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HisWords Watch on your home screen

Earlier today, I released a new version of HisWords, version 2.2, which includes a brand new companion Apple Watch app! I figured, brand new platform, why not explore it further?

Like most Apple Watch apps at this point in time, HisWords Watch zooms in with laser focus on just one simple task: getting to a passage, verse, or chapter in the Bible as quickly as possible, reading it, then leaving the app. You may question the use of technology like this in the middle of a Church sermon, but let’s leave that discussion for another time!

Introducing HisWords Watch

When you update to HisWords 2.2, you’ll be greeted with the HisWords logo on your Watch home screen, albeit a fancy round version of it.

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The familiar sash icon, now in extra-rounded mode

The main screen of the app is simple, with just a single button, “Voice Search”, which does exactly what you’d expect — use natural language to search for a verse or passage in the Bible. Now, I’m still working on fine-tuning and optimizing the natural language-ness of Voice Search for future versions, but for now, you can tell HisWords Watch variations on the following themes:

“John chapter 3 verse 16”

“John 3 <pause> 16”

“John chapter 3”

The result? A real easy-to-read rendering of the passage you were (hopefully!) looking for, on all 38/42mm of screen! Who said the Bible can’t be on any other medium than large hardcover books :)

Tweaks on the iOS side

I also took the opportunity to brush up and polish the colors and layout on the iOS app. The reading view is now a little more margin-generous, so text doesn’t bleed all the way to the edges of the screen. All backgrounds are also a little more off-white, so it’s a little friendlier on the eyes.

Oh and of course, a whole bunch of performance improvements because I’m an engineer after all.

Download HisWords 2.2

HisWords is a free download on the iOS App Store, compatible with all iPhones and iPads on iOS 8 or later. Downloading the iOS app will automatically install the companion Watch app on your Apple Watch too.

Check it out today!

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iOS dev @Airbnb. I like making apps that look nice, and have some thoughts about tech.

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