• Alex Heath

    Alex Heath

    Reporter for The Information, covering Facebook and its competition. Previously at Cheddar, Business Insider.

  • Valent Richie

    Valent Richie

    Catholic iPhone and iPad developer, developer of @ScriptureRosary app, @ShortPrayersApp, @LittleCrownApp, @StJosephApp, and other Catholic apps.

  •  NSMohamedElalfy( )

     NSMohamedElalfy( )

    iOS Apps/Games Developer

  • Brian Verne

    Brian Verne

    Oberlin College '09, former college baseball player, Entrepreneur in Cleveland, CEO of Phenom, the mobile app for athletes to show off their style and hustle.

  • Natalie Harmon

    Natalie Harmon

  • Max Meyers

    Max Meyers

    Mobile at IFTTT

  • Paul Chun

    Paul Chun

  • Anqi Cheng

    Anqi Cheng

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