Your background in History could make you an invaluable asset in the field of UX design.

Makinde Akande
2 min readDec 25, 2023


During an early interview for a UX design position, the interviewer asked me how my background in History would be useful in the role of a UX designer. Until then, I had mostly applied for positions related to UI design and front-end development, so I hadn’t given it much thought. However, one of my mentors had previously advised me to focus more on UX research due to my history education background.

This question opened my eyes to a new possibility, and I decided to learn the intersection between History and UX design. I decided to write how I would answer the question if asked again.

As a History major, my background provides a unique and valuable perspective that can significantly contribute to the UX research and design field. While my academic focus has been on understanding the past, I can leverage this knowledge in several ways to excel in UX.

Firstly, my training in History has honed my analytical and critical thinking skills. I am adept at dissecting complex information, identifying patterns, and drawing meaningful conclusions. These skills are essential in conducting in-depth user research and interpreting data to inform design decisions. I can approach user behaviors and interactions with a keen eye for detail and a holistic understanding of their context.

Furthermore, studying History has allowed me to develop excellent communication and storytelling abilities. As a UX researcher and designer, I can use these skills to effectively convey user insights, design concepts, and project narratives to diverse stakeholders. My capability to craft compelling narratives and make historical connections can help me communicate the significance of user experiences and design choices in a relatable and impactful way.

Moreover, History has taught me to be empathetic and open-minded, appreciating the perspectives of different cultures, societies, and periods. In the UX field, understanding and empathizing with users is crucial. My background in History equips me to approach user research with empathy, ensuring that the end user’s needs and desires are at the forefront of my design decisions.

Lastly, my experience in conducting historical research has made me proficient in gathering information from various sources, including primary and secondary documents, books, and articles. This skill translates seamlessly into conducting user interviews, surveys, and competitive analyses in the UX research process.

While I may be transitioning from a different academic field, my History major equips me with a diverse skill set and a unique perspective that can bring fresh insights and approaches to UX research and design. I am excited to combine my passion for understanding the past with my drive to create meaningful and impactful user experiences in this new career chapter.



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