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Can you imagine trying to get a date with a resume?

Trying to get a job with one is not much better.

Resumes are flat and lifeless. Bullets without narrative, words without proof. They are an appeal to the authority of third party credentials and lists of dates and titles. And there are millions of them, barely distinguishable, arriving in bland stacks on the desk of every hiring manager. You won’t stand out.

That’s why you should send a pitch.

What’s a pitch? Read on…

A Pitch has Personality

You’re a person. You want to work with people. Why let a bunch of dull text and bureaucratic apps make the match? …

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You want meaning.

You want your work to be more than work. You want to care about it a lot. And also to be able to turn it off and not care about it when you want.

You want flexibility. You want remote work. You want community and connection. You want to travel. You want a sense of place.

You want tech everywhere. But you don’t want to be ruled by tech. You want tech to be the servant, not the master. You want to master it and not feel trapped by it.

You want to gain deep expertise without getting pigeonholed. You want to seize opportunities and experiment, but you don’t want to be left without options if you fail. You want to not let fear of failure stop you, but you don’t want to engage in fawning over failure itself. …

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You don’t want middle benefits for middle cost. That’s a death sentence. Wal-Mart or Bespoke. Taco Bell or steak house. None of this Applebee’s shit.

At least that’s true in several big important areas.

Take hiring for an open position. There are two ends of the candidate spectrum that can work.

  1. The person who won’t try to get the job at all
  2. The person who tries like hell with the most amazing pitch in history

Who doesn’t get hired? The person who submits an application like everyone else. They signal that they don’t care if the job happens to them. They can’t even bother to not want it. …


Isaac Morehouse

CEO of, founder of Praxis.

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