Day 3 Andela bootcamp: It gets easier….

Today I am thinking back over the past three days of boot camp, the code I have written, unfamiliar syntax that has bullied me, my own self-limitations challenged and so on, there is one thing that has really stood out for me — it actually gets easier.

With a little perseverance here and there, a calm mind, a sleepless night (just one: last night mostly) and a little push from people that have danced this dance before. It actually gets easier, when you wrap your brain around a problem the way a div container wraps itself round an attribute in an html body tag…(alert: techie inside joke).. It actually gets easier.

These past three days have taught me how to — Learn. Learning how to learn, imagine that, it’s the coolest thing ever, me thinks.

I am also slowly building deep relationships with my fellow boot campers that are in the same struggle as me. Sharing our difficulties with each other, trying to figure things out . While Google searching, reading original documentation and reading blog posts can be very useful, I was pleasantly surprised how a different opinion or perspective from a colleague can really unlock a complex problem and provide a much needed understanding to a task .

I am thankful for my fellow boot campers and Learning facilitator for their guidance and support.

3 days in — Andela boot camp, and I’m enjoying the experience but more so, I think I like who I am becoming.