On such a marathon it’s nice to be comfortable and for the crowd to be cheering and for the wind to be at your back, but marathons are won in the long miles where the crowd is thin, the hills rise, and the rain blows sideways into your face. Those miles are where purpose and character fuse into perseverance. Those miles have a beautiful focus, for your entire being is recruited into the simple but powerful act of taking one more stride toward the ultimate goal. To join many others with the same purpose creates an unstoppable tide. History shows that no force on Earth can resist such a tide. No matter how hard each step such perseverance toward that which truly matters is a great and joyful thing.
Why I Love Twitter
Jeremy Rishel

This is one of my favorite quotes ever — I look at and draw inspiration from it on a regular basis! As a runner and triathlete, I can absolutely relate to this truth…beautifully written.

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