Andela Bootcamp — The Experience

fire on ice

There are many a things I have done in my life, many a challenges I have faced: as have you.

Andela moves beyond challenging your ability and moves towards pushing you to your limits. Pushing you to the very brink of exhaustion. Challenging your very beliefs in your own abilities.

At the core of it all, excellence. Excellence is the final result of the entire endeavour. The Andela Bootcamp has been my entire lifeline the past couple of days.

It has in many ways — and will for the next few days — make be a better more professional developer and human being in general. From all night long coding sessions and all the constant time pressure, the ocassional falling behind schedule for presenting outputs, it has been a hustle personally. Pure molten lava.

Conversely, the general gratification that comes from the skill growth that all these challenges have in turn brought about is not only thrilling but it brings with it an exhilarating sense of personal archievement. It being just day two of the week-long remote learning week, I personally still have much ground to cover.

I’m beyond exited for all that is in store. I can guarantee that I shall imerge a better developer with just 5 days worth of rigorous research and a severe restructuring of my old development practice. The Andela culture is infectious and I’ve caught the bug.

This is Andela.