Andela — Third time’s the charm?

As a budding software developer, I have to admit, life on this side of the fence is AWESOME. The grass is definitely greener.

But like all good things it doesn’t come easy. The question ever so remains: How bad do you want it?

Silently ask yourself this question when you are in pursuit of any of the goals you have set. Apply it in your personal or professional life and I bet you will see some tremendous changes.

By now you might be wondering where I’m going with all this, huh? Well I hope the following account of one of my latest learning challenges helps put things into perspective.

Being a budding systems administrator long before my interest in software development (whatsoever little of it there was then) had died off, switching back to development has not been easy.

The technology that is running the current day web industry has exponentially grown. It’s like everywhere you turn there is something new that is making waves in the vast sea of technologies: new frameworks, libraries, old-frameworks that are somehow completely new making it incredibly hard to stay on top it all.

That said, my all time — latest and by far biggest — challenge of the recent past being expected to learn Flask in just under a week and implement a Shopping List Application. This notwithstanding, I was also expected to present the solution to my problem while at the same time learning and implementing agile software development best practices. All these may have proved to be a little overwhelming at the time, all the same, I couldn’t have it any other way.

Under the pressure I may have momentarily choked giving up on a race where my participation was far more valuable than my finishing first. All these failures have help me put things into perspective though. It’s not how big or seemingly impossible the task at hand appears, what counts at the end of it all is how bad you want to achieve the desired outcome. If you really want to get around your challenge you will because deep down you know you just have to — one way or another.

So, when thrown into the deepest end of the sea you can either hustle and try to swim to shore or just let yourself drown. I choose to swim.