This Is Aurora: The Dream Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child and #team -aurora has been that village to me in more ways than I could ever put it writing.

First, I just have to say we have the best LFA ever!!! I say that with a bold face without fear of favor despite not having interacted with any of the other teams’ LFA’s. Why do I make so bold a claim? Well if you’ve met or interacted with Tina then must have an idea of what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, well, you are in luck because here is my feeble attempt at giving you an insight of how working with her, and our team at large, has been.

For starters you have to pardon me, putting amazing people into written descriptions isn’t always my strong suit. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s begin.

Tina Murimi — The Best LFA Ever

From the Kickoff Call on the morning of Monday the Sixteenth, consistent replies and contributions to Slack channel and DM threads, a scheduled Hangouts call to address communal blockers, to this very moment, I have to applaud how much time and effort she has put into assisting each and every member of our team. She has constantly and without fail given not only kind, but ever so comprehensive, actionable and precise feedback. This goes all the way from group scoped to personal feedback. In my humble opinion, I have to admit this was a big motivator and one of the many traits that makes her the best.

Erick Maina — The Resident Code-Wiz

If ever there was a person so committed (pun intended) to his work, well trust me it’s this guy right here. His repo heartbeat monitor is literally racing like that of a rabbit at the rate of his commits. He has in many ways than he knows helped and challenged me all in equal measure.

Allan Koech — The Sloganizer

This was the first teammate with whom I interacted. If it isn’t clear from the above mash up of names in his title, he is the man behind our team slogan. That said, I have to go on and add how that “cool” nickname I just came up with rhymes and almost resembles organizer which come to think of it, is one of his strong character traits I have to admit. If I had a vote for team captain, it would definitely have Allan’s name on it.

Eunice Gatehi — The Eunifier

It might be a personal opinion, but I just have to give props as I feel they are long overdue. From personal — professional I might add — interactions with Eunice, she is generally one of the nicest people I have had the opportunity to interact with over the course of this week. She is quick to offer feedback when assigned to review PRs, kind and swift in her responses on the team channels and Slack DMs. Even when she is occupied and can’t offer feedback immediately, she is ever so kind as to tell you as soon as she can.

This post can go on for a while and deservedly so because #team-aurora has indeed been the dream team for me. All my teammates have been gems to me in a way or the other. Dhulkifli Hussein, the Linux guy with the killer UI. Stephen Ochieng, the quiet one. Mercy Mururi, the quieter one.

But these list of mentions wouldn’t be complete without one last honorary mention which is — drumroll please — Evans Musomi, the most chill, soft spoken, Learning Facilitator I have had the pleasure to interact with. The guy literally oozes class (probably from OOP mastery, 😉😆) with all the eloquence most of us desire but can never quite acquire, and the most concise and detailed feedback/responses to your queries you could ever get.

All in all, I’m just four days in and I feel like I’ve worked with all the above amazing people for ages.