TOS Character Sheet Collection 4.0


by Isaac Priestley

This is a collection of character sheets for Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures tabletop roleplaying game. It’s meant to invoke the feel of The Original Series, as an alternative to the Next Generation “LCARS” look of the official sheets.


  • TOS Character v1.4
  • TOS Non-Player Character v0.5
  • TOS Starship v0.7
  • TOS Supporting Character v0.4

The big changes in this release are to the character and starship sheets.

I’ve added dropdown menus to select talents and weapons for both characters and starships. The dropdown menus will populate a field with the text of the talent, or the stats of the weapon.

I’ve added an extra page for this, in order to make the text a little larger and more readable, and just make sure there is enough room for 8 potential talents in an advanced character or ship.

I’ve also included a couple of examples from my own Star Trek Excalibur campaign, based around the Constitution class USS Excalibur NCC-1664.

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