Opponents of single payer are moral monsters on par with AHCA proponents
Matt Bruenig

This is absolutely ridiculous. One of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen come out of the far-left, and that’s saying something. I actually want single-payer by the way, this just exemplifies a terrible approach to supporting it.

Do you have any idea how fallacious it is to claim that not supporting a policy which—if magically passed and implemented by 2026—would hypothetically give 28 million more people health insurance is somehow the same as kicking 24 million people off their current health insurance today?

Do you have any idea how complicated healthcare is and how many hugely important aspects factor into the policy decision you’ve so outrageously over-simplified?

Do you have any idea how many ‘moral monsters’ like myself who currently support the ACA in opposition to single-payer, actually want to implement single-payer as soon as we realistically can?

Have you considered that unlike you, they’re simply informed enough to know that the only feasible path to it is through incremental steps in the right direction such as the ACA?

And I’m not even gonna get into how provenly unreliable the CBO reports are… Seriously, how truly awful this argument is CAN NOT be overstated. It leads one to doubt that you have any integrity as a writer whatsoever.

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