Entry #53: Second Sale. FB traffic quality concerns.

Isaac Rudansky

This is the 53rd post in a series. The first post can be found here.

Progress made today

We got our second sale today, which is great. In this case, I was able to confirm that the customer came through the webinar, and didn’t know about me previously.

I sent an email asking the new customer for a few points of feedback. I’ll past the response here (which includes the questions I asked).


Thanks so much for the incredibly kind words and positive feedback! I really appreciate it when people like you are able to find value in my content.
You’re welcome! :)

Is it OK if I send you access to the Revenue Maximizer billing template tomorrow? I’m still working on a video walkthrough of the template, and I’d like to send you that video along with the actual template.
Totally fine as I won’t be needing it (I have an e-commerce business not an agency).

You should have access to everything else, but let me know if there’s any issues at all.

I’d like to get your feedback on a couple things, if you don’t mind giving a couple minutes of your time. This is a relatively new webinar funnel, and I’d like as much constructive feedback as possible.

What was the most impressive aspect of the webinar, in your opinion?
The quick wins like front loading social proof and long-form copy — stuff that we could quickly test and implement. I was also really impressed there is somewhere we can get usability tests done super fast because I always wondered how I could conduct that kind of testing for my website but didn’t know how to do it.

What did you feel you gained from the webinar?
I gained a real sense of the opportunity that CRO presents and how much I am missing out by not improving the conversion rate on my own site. I also gained confidence that I could improve the CR on my website myself i.e. without hiring expensive experts.

What ultimately made you decide to purchase the course?
Truthfully, I have read a bit about CRO and it seemed quite daunting, with many agencies saying that businesses need to be at a certain level before they work with them. This is very disheartening for a small business owner who has struggled for a long time to bring in sales (due to really tough personal circumstances for the past 3 years). I felt for the first time that maybe I CAN benefit from CRO on my site without needing thousands of dollars to do it (money is pretty tight at the moment). Also, the support post-purchase was a BIG thing for me.

I also need to mention here is that checking out your website was a huge factor for me too — the values that drive you as an organisation really resonated with me. In particular, your approach to collaborative working and acknowledging that business owners know their business better than anyone. I operate in a faith-based niche and always have this concern that any agency I work with simply won’t ‘get it’. I know this is not directly related to the CRO course but knowing your overarching ethos and values gave me confidence in purchasing from you.

Finally, my personal interactions with you and the speed/depth of your responses made me feel valued even though I was not a customer. I seriously appreciate that level of respect. Thank you Isaac.

If there was one thing that almost held you back from buying, what was it?
I didn’t know there was so much support available to get any questions answered. Maybe you mentioned it and I didn’t notice (I did have my 2 year old with me the whole time!) in which case my apologies. But yeah, I may not have taken the plunge if I thought there was nobody to help me if I had questions.

Also, there was a small part of me that questioned if I was able to do the course due to perhaps it being too technical/data-driven. I’m not afraid of numbers but at the same time, all the spreadsheets were a little intimidating! Just a small note on this; you went through the free resources in great detail at the beginning and I was a bit overwhelmed with that bit as it felt quite intense to begin with. I suggest stating what the free resources are and how they can benefit attendees but not actually getting into the nitty-gritty of the spreadsheets right at the start of the webinar.

Thank you very much, and welcome to this exciting journey. I have no doubt you will be a valuable addition to the group, and that the training will make you a more effective online marketer.

You’re welcome! I’m looking forward to this journey too and must admit that I’m slightly nervous too. In a nutshell, the past few years have been really tough for me personally and this is the year I have to start making a profit in my business. I have a big holiday season coming up (Eid) and a great opportunity to literally change my life and that of my 2-year-old son through my business. This course is just one of the ways I hope to do it!

The point about going to much into the spreadsheet early in the webinar is a good point. I should rework that section at some point in the future.

In general, I’m an advocate for getting as much feedback as possible, good or bad. It’s not a bad idea to send a quick survey to every new customer, so over time I can get a more comprehensive understanding of the feedback.

116 registrations today at a $7 CPA. The CPA is still high, but it’s coming back down. This is the patience needed when dealing with automated bidding strategies. It just is what it is.

I’ve seen a lot of good campaigns (both in Google and Facebook) get turned off by clients unwilling to stick it out.

Still getting a good majority of leads from Mexico. I may exclude Mexico tomorrow, but I don’t really have any good, concrete reason for doing so.

We’ll see.

There’s still a lot of work to do …

  1. Continuing to build out the workflows
  2. New FB campaigns
  3. Record video for billing model bonus template and create a landing page for it (and incorporate it into the workflow)
  4. Start building the billing template library which will be a standalone product

I added a new video to the Agency Overdrive library today, and plan on having another one ready for tomorrow.

Keep on truckin’
- Isaac

The next post can be found here.

Isaac Rudansky

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Founder of AdVenture Media, bestselling Udemy instructor, author and philanthropist (just kidding).

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