Unpublished (2015)

“Pain is meant to be felt ya know”

I dabble in the realm of reading

I was the 12 year old that thought

I’ll get the letter from Hogwarts soon

Then was disappointed that I was a muggle

and it’s still the bane of my existence today

But I digress to begin this story

I was in my local Barnes and Noble when

I fell in love at first sight for the first time

Curly hair falling over a John Green novel

I bet they had watched The Fault in Our Stars and was craving pain

Pain is meant to be felt ya know

Nonetheless I stared intrigued at this

This beautiful flaw filled creature who

Possibly dreamt about dystopian worlds

Genetically altered societies

Even being loved while dying

And I wanted to talk to them

I wanted to talk to them at 3 o’clock in the morning

Sipping chai tea in our kitchen

Talking about life and our thoughts

Discussing what’s wrong with our world

And why magic is real because it brought us together

Yet I bypassed them and left

You’re probably baffled at my idiotic move

Yet I can’t stress to you more that my imagination

Like the books I read

Is only fiction and that maybe they're real

Or maybe they're fake

Not like the feelings you feel

Right now at this moment

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