Task 2

For task 2 I was told to make a website using html, although having no previous experience with html coding i tried my best! this is my second attempt at the assignment and i hope these improvements help me to pass.

Here is my Notepad++ where i have done all my coding.

One of the most difficult things i came across was teaching my self how everything works, but now i have a decent idea on how to read and write a little bit of html.

I also needed to downsize some of the images for that i used gimp to change the size some of the photos (down from 10mb to around 100kb) :) Here is what i used to re-size the pcitures http://resizeimage.net/

Here is what my website looks like in a variety of browsers:

Google Chrome

The images shown above are all zoomed out for visibility.

In conclusion after dedicating some time into adding the extra pages and cleaning things up a bit i think that this looks a lot more cleaner and easier to navigate.

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