Characterized by discord, lawlessness, noise, high levels of pollution among other metrics; navigating oneself in most African cities has been a well documented nightmare that the media and academic writers have written about; time and again. Owing to a rapid African population growth and urbanization, today’s cities have become critical centers of civilization. Statistics by the world bank show that whilst 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas 80% of global outputs (by value), measured by the gross domestic product (GDP), are produced in urbanized areas.

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Urban Slums, Pollution & Health Hazards

In a quest to address the current menace, solutions involving smart cities…

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retail foot analytics

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most common buzz words that are often thrown around even by some novices in the tech industry just to sound smart or to evade having to explain the things they don’t even understand themselves [ I hope its not the case with me here :) ]. Nevertheless, in this post I want to talk about a niche application of big data analytics and computer vision which is an emerging use case of foot analytics by retailers to understand/influence customer’s buying behavior.

Disclaimer: while this post focuses on the use of foot…

Some of the information/steps in this article is in my part1 post which used python2.7 and Django 1.11 on A2 Hosting Swift Plan or equivalent.

With the coming of Django 2, one of the notable changes made is that they broke backward compatibility with python 2.7. I have also noticed a similar trend in the Python community so if you wanted to use the latest pip packages like for OpenCV(Computer Vision), Psycopg(Postgres Databases) and many others you’d now need to have Python3 to use the most up to date versions of these python packages.

To efficiently deploy and maintain a…

This guide uses Python 2.7 and Django 1.11, if you want to use Python3.x with Django2.x use this guide.

Building websites using Django/Python is one of the most fun moments in my career as a web software developer, and you’d be looking forward to sharing your website with the world but but with the many problems one can face when deploying their creation on shared hosts like A2 Hosting at times you wonder what use will be my Django website I you cannot publish it on to the Internet ?

This post intends to serve as a guide to give…

Isaac T Chikutukutu

Software developer-turned-data scientist. Isaac enjoys working on projects that aim to help with improving the quality of life in developing countries.

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