Animal Rights Activists — the Unknown Killers

PETA Protests the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Probably everything we do is a publicity stunt … we are not here to gather members, to please, to placate, to make friends. We’re here to hold the radical line. — Ingrid Newkirk PETA President and Founder.

It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? The people that say are saving our worlds animals, are actually killing them, and the sad thing, they probably don’t even know it.

The case against zoos and aquariums have come into full focus in the last few years, especially after the release of the 2013 ‘docudrama’ Blackfish. The propaganda piece set forth a wave of uninformed and misguided individuals that wanted nothing more than to set SeaWorld’s ‘tortured’ killer whales free. Read more here why Blackfish is nothing more than disgruntled employees telling lies to spread their anti zoo agenda.

An ‘Empty The Tanks’ Protest outside of SeaWorld.

Blackfish and other movies like it have one simple goal; to do away with all zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries. Activists would much rather see these animals dead than fed because they believe that no animal belongs in human care. Not even your dog or your cat. What these groups do not seem to grasp is the critical conservation work that these organizations are doing.

In the last 50 years, SeaWorld has rescued and rehabilitated over 27,000 animals. This is more than any other zoological institution on planet earth. SeaWorld along with other famous zoos such as the Vancouver Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, San Diego zoo and the Naples zoo are AZA (Association Of Zoo’s and Aquarium’s) accredited, meaning that these facilities are ‘meeting or exceeding the top care of animals.’ Only a handful of United States zoos and aquariums meet their strict accreditation standards.

When we look at activist groups like PETA, we start to see the dark truth. Thousands and thousands of dollars spent on bogus campaign stunts and magazine ads that are doing absolutely nothing to help animals. In fact in the last 10 years, PETA is responsible for the death of 33,000 animals from their shelters. To put things even farther into perspective, from 2010–2013 SeaWorld invested over $70 million dollars into it’s orca habitats, not including the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Program, and other research programs they are involved in around the world. They also announced their commitment of $10 million dollars to research and study the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population. In the same amount of time PETA invested nothing. $0. Not a single cent, and to this day there are no records indicating that they have.

SeaWorld rescue team returns four rehabilitated Manatee’s to the wild.

A good example of PETA’s ridiculousness comes with their newest publicity stunt, the traveling virtual reality simulation titled ‘I,Orca’. This project cost thousands of dollars to produce. Thousands of dollars that could be used to actually save animals. Meanwhile, while the uninformed public falls under PETA’s lies, SeaWorld is on call 24/7 to rescue and rehabilitate any animal that needs help. Sea Lions are coming ashore off California’s coastline emaciated and dehydrated and SeaWorld is saving them. Manatees are constantly being struck by boat motors, and suffering from cold stress. SeaWorld is saving them. Sea Turtles are being found with hooks caught in their throats and who is saving them? Oh yes, it’s SeaWorld again.

The plight of wild killer whales is grim. In the last few weeks of 2015, three killer whales were found dead from Africa to Vancouver, including a newborn calf along with an individual who’s stomach was full of trash. These are unnecessary Orca deaths and during these moments of sadness, PETA remains mute. Their concern still lying with the organizations that are trying to save these magnificent creatures of the deep. The oceans are not as magical as they once were. 337 endangered Sei whales were found in November of 2015 in the largest stranding ever recorded in history off the coast of Patagonia, Chile. We still do not know why this happened. This tragic news coming after scientists declared that killer whales are among the most polluted animals in the ocean. Mass strandings are becoming more and more common as the years pass, and scientists and biologists are scrambling to figure out why. Through these times of turmoil, PETA and other animal rights groups remain completely silent. Again, their fight remaining with the institutions that are doing absolutely nothing wrong.

SeaWorld rescue team returns endangered Sea Turtles back into the ocean.

One begins to wonder what might happen if PETA put their money to good use. Maybe they could join forces with SeaWorld and help rescue even more animals that need our attention. What I know is, while radical activists stand outside of SeaWorld holding their cardboard signs and shouting ‘Empty The Tanks!’, whales in the wild are dying. Dolphins are dying. Animals in general are dying, and PETA is letting them die. Organizations like SeaWorld will continue to be on call every single day, and they will continue to rescue the animals that we love. We love animals because we visited SeaWorld. Because we visited a zoo. We should never turn our backs on the places that helped us learn to love and protect Earths incredible creatures.

“If we can touch people about wildlife, then we want to save it…. Because humans want to save the things that they love.” -Steve Irwin.

A SeaWorld trainer hugs a killer whale (Corky) at SeaWorld San Diego.
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