How Patriotics Reacted To An Article About Mental Disorders

Dawn’s Facebook page shared a link to an article, “50 million people in Pakistan are suffering from mental disorder”. Guess what the comment box was filled with?

Pakistani: “waiting for mentally disordered Indians to start commenting on this post”

Indians: “so basically 25% of Pakistani are mentally disordered. This is why I say don’t have a war with mentally disordered people

And it went on and on and on.

The people who were commenting called themselves ‘true patriotic’. What these so called ‘true patriotic’ forgot was there’s a thing above ‘patriotism’ which is ‘humanity’ and all of you, regardless of which country we belong to have completely lost it!

Whilst those so called ‘true patriotic’ ignored all the red flags that points towards an alarming situation and decided to challenge their opponents, I found out that a total of 400 trained professionals exist in Pakistan to treat those 50 million.

Dear ‘true patriotic’,

My intention isn’t to mock or even challenge your so called ‘true patriotism’, I just want to tell you that you are the reason why people lose their brains or suffer from mental disorders. They can be cured but it’s you and you bloody demeaning illiterate mentality that stops them from seeking help. It’s you who trigger their craziness. It you labelling them ‘pagal’ (mad) that make them stay locked up in their houses.

Instead of mocking the article, flaunting your ‘patriotism’ and finding a great opportunity to challenge your neighboring countrymen, you could have tried to help at least one person suffering from what you can’t even imagine. You could have stepped forward and supported your fellow countrymen by telling them, “mental disorders or illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

If they still insisted on not visiting a professional, you could have at least brought them the booklets that are available in hospitals about various kind of mental disorders, their symptoms, and their cure. Before you ask me, let me quickly mention that those booklets are free, thus you can easily get them and share them with the patients. It will give them the strength to go seek help. There is no shame in seeking help when needed. Mental disorders/illness are just like any physical disorder/illness.

Let me tell you something I have learned from my mentors. The best thing you can do is invest time in people, help them when you can because when you fell, there were people who were there to help you. You can never pay them back and they wouldn’t even want to be paid for what they did. They’d rather want you to be consistent, show what their help did to you and pass it on to others.

I know my mentors/supporters/people who love me, care about me and we’re there for me would want me to do that.

Always remember, a little kindness goes a long way. You help someone today, you cannot even imagine how beautifully Allah will reward you.