This is a really disappointing change.

Hi Endicott,

Thanks for this. The price is actually $468AUD so if you’re in the US you will get a ~30% discount :)

About 90% of our organisations are your size and the reality is 98% haven’t paid us anything which we were totally ok with, but eventually the realities of people needing to pay rent has bitten us.

I’m hopeful that organisations take a commercial view of it and look at how many hours it saves volunteers, the governance it provides them and the succession plan they can hand to the next generation… and the value they get from this exceeds the price tag we have put on the platform.

As you can imagine we have had a wide range of feedback from ‘excellent’ to ‘no way’… hopefully we get enough support to keep the doors open and continue to provide the service we want to for the community.

We also compared the pricing against paying for the stack of Wordpress, Dropbox, Xero, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, task management, membership management and everything else and think it stacks up pretty well.

I am genuinely sorry to hear you may not continue with us as we have put our heart into building this but understand your position. Thanks for your support.

Cheers, Isaak

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