This is disappointing news.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for this feedback. Our problem is and has been we have such a huge range of customers. We have groups with 70 members to a group of 3000+… majority cry poor with a non-profit mindset, all have never budgeted for a solution like ours, some use our payment gateway, payments are usually extremely seasonal, maybe just once a year for a membership drive, with many others not using the payment gateway at all and just using the platform for nothing.

This significant range of customers has made it extremely hard for us to put a line in the sand where we can both keep folks happy, and make enough for us to feed ourselves. All of this feedback is being taken on board and we’re genuinely coming from this from the right place I believe.

Would love to hear what you feel would be a fair and reasonable price for your organisation. We are still all ears with this change.

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