George the effulgent chap.

When I get up in the morning I have a fellow called George in my head. He’s a smart looking and brilliant fellow, always happy and playful and looking at the world in a different way.

He would bound out of bed in the morning and look to take on the day with vigour. He constantly wanted to drag others out with him and make sure they were having as good a time as he was.

Whenever they were at the park he wouldn’t hesitate to say hello to everyone else. Sometimes he would spend lots of time having a little chat, others he would just say a polite Good morning to and move on. But he was always happy just to be enjoying the open space and having a stretch of the legs.

The way he attacked the day is something all of us could learn from. Start happy, tell your yourself you are going to have a good day, take delight in the little things, the birds, the clouds, the trees, seeing others enjoying their morning.

Enjoy the moment. When you walk, walk. When you breathe, breathe.

That’s why it’s good to have the motto of be more dog because George the labrador is a wonderful chap to look to for your morning routine.

George not pictured.

Part of an experiment to write something every morning to try and squeeze some creative juices from my serious side. For the record I don’t actually own a dog, but each morning at the park I really wish I did!