A Hope

Starting of today, i want to make a goal that will lead me to reach where i want to be in next ten years from today. I know it’s important to have a life plan, in the last three years, i have been became hopeless about my life because i thought i will never going to be successful again. Somehow today my thoughts had changed because everyone deserves a second chance to reach their goals. I had always want to be a civil right attorney or to be accounting one day. I just didn’t know the step to follow through out the method on this stage . When i graduate from high school, i have became alone and most of my friends we went a same school as i did, they all moved in different states from each others so i was alone myself with no where to go.I have decided to move back to Columbus where my parents live it. Coming back to my parents house was the happiness event to my life, but it was not the best option that i have decided to do it..