Sometimes people dream about being a doctor, attorney, movie star or being a rich. When a dream comes, we have something that confuses our actions. I believe that everyone wants something that makes them marvelous. When I was a little kid, I used have a vision that one day I would live in a better country but I just didn’t know where it could be. I used awake up early in the morning and make a wish that one day I would live a country that will offer me a free education and freedom.

Many countries do not offer children free education like American does. When I used lived in Kenya, I did not have an opportunity to go school because my parents can’t afford for me to go to school at that moment. My parents did not want to waste their money on me at that moment but they did understand that if I grow, I will be more mature, study very hard, and be responsible with my education. Somehow, we have an opportunity to come to the United States and that would allow me to go school for free and my parents don’t have to worry any more about saving money for me to go school. I’m very glad that I have that opportunity. When I arrived in the United States, I did not know how to speak or write in English. English was my first language to ever learn. I did not start with my grade level but I worked very hard to move to another grade and even still now I’m still struggling with reading and writing. I did not have any native speaker friends with me when I went to school. In middle school and high school, I did not have anyone to practice my English skills but somehow, I learned from television and cartoon shows. I used watch a lot of movies just to learn how to speak English. I used to watch movies all day and not even to do my homework because I did not know any of the words so the teacher used to complain about me not doing my homework. I used have a lot of problems with my teachers. We misunderstand each other because I didn’t know how to speak and write in English. I did not know how to explain to them that I never went school in my home country. I did not have anyone that came from the same country as me that went to my school. So I was the first African student who started to go to that school. I was facing all of these consequences. I just did not know what to do and I started to practice myself while I was at home, taking shower or getting bored watching a movie. Learning English is not a very easy task, but it needs a lot of hard work and practice.

There are many immigrates that arrive in this country and do not speak English. They are working very hard to learn the language and also need help. My long term goal is to help immigrates speak English. I do understand they are thousands of immigrates that arrive in this country every year and are looking for a better opportunity like me. They just need help with their English communication. I hope in the future we can help each other not only with the language, but also with tradition.

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