The government of Ohio needs to help Columbus city schools create programs that helps kids to stay away from street, crime, and gang affiliations. In Columbus Ohio, there are many kids that are on the street that are involved with rape and violence activities on a daily basisis. we would like to create programs that will help the kids to stay away from streets and descrease the amount issues that acure. We would like to create mentoring programs like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and baseball that will help thousands of kids to stay off the streets and avoid potential violence and connects the Somalia Bantu community of columbus. We, as the Somali Bantu Community Organization, can help create youth programs to help kids learn the right from wrong. we would people to volunteer to join our programs and pave the way for kids to have a bright and better tomorrow. We need wonderful young adults to act as mentors and help our for a brighter future and to make positive changes in our community. Now we have sixteen kids that are partcipting in our programs that we are helping and mentiring to the right. We are looking to have more children to join our programs so that we can help them reach their goals and provide them with postive and bright future. COLUMBUS youth program focuses on developing kids skills such as having health and fun habits while caring for our enviroments and understands its importants to our development as community. We need Columbus families to raise their children safety environment; without parents are thinking that there kids are getting harm from the street. Our children need safety environment to grow that does have a lot of consequence like crimes and gang, but the question is how can we decrease these problems to our society? Many people would answer this question like this, the government need to hire more police on the street. Is that going on solve the problem to better solution? No I don’t think so that we need to hire more police to help our kids to give a better future. What we need is that we create a program that helps our kid stay of the street and avoid potential violence. I don’t

understand why the government is waste his budget to spent the police department. That budget should spend to help to create a program for Columbus city school. We need our live a better community that would make our kids happiness and more joinable. We can’t let our kids join bad active like gang or crime from the street. We need to build something that to get away from these issue from our environment .One thing that I think it should be helpful is that we create as much programs as we can to help our kid to make busy for having fun. We can build place that can taught them how to respectful people that around them and give them short lesson about life after high school.

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