Show Me Something In An Orthopedic
Jenny Klion

I am honestly surprised at this article. I am a fashion blogger and for the past 3 years, all I see on Instagram ( in the fashion blogosphere) is a variety of cute sneakers and a lot of flats. The flats are very fashionable and come in a lot of options: slip-ons, flat mules with open toe and closed toe. I would pick any of those as they really look and feel great. Best part: you can find them at any price as they range from $20-however much you are wiling to pay ( if you insist that Gucci needs to make your flat mules :-)). Check these brands online: ASOS, TOPSHOP, NEW LOOK ( for affordable flat mules and sneakers) and then by all means invest in a pair of ALEXANDER WANG, GUCCI, CARVEN, KURT GEIGER etc if you choose so. My point is that today’s fashion, when it comes to shoes , is very laid back and most women wear very stylish flats or sneakers. You can see that this applies even to red carpet events.


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