The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

I read some of the comments and it is my impression that some completely misunderstood this article. I understand this article to express a notion that is very Buddhist. Yet some speak about the importance of the scale and our role in the world, confirming exactly what the author says earlier : that we are so attached to the thought that that we are special.

It is really quite amazing to see how people dance around the topic and avoid even the though of understanding the main idea: namely and that the faster we get rid of the perception that we are special and the universe owes us, the happier we will be. That’s because we will be able to look at things as they are, therefore, we will be true to our wants and desires, and hence, live a meaningful , content life.

I understand this article to express that we have to develop an objective perspective and look at things as they are, beyond labels and words. Again, to me this resonates with the Buddhist wisdom to which I subscribe, as a philosophy and way of life.

Thank you for sharing. Too bad most didn’t really get the idea.


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