Authors: Angel Montesdeoca and Ricardo Balduino

The World Economic Forum predicts that there will be 463 exabytes of data created each day. To put this in perspective, that’s about 90 times more data than the words ever spoken by humans! With all this data it can be daunting, if not impossible to try to make sense of it all.

In 2019, IBM decided to meet this challenge by releasing Watson Discovery’s Content Mining — the world’s most powerful AI-powered text mining tool that allows business and technical users to discover hidden insights by analyzing anomalies, trends, and relationships in their…

IBM Watson is excited to announce that our AI Search technology, Watson Discovery, is now available on our robust Cloud ecosystem, Cloud Pak for Data. Now, you can securely surface insights from complex business content living within your proprietary content, as well as free and licensed public content in a way that is familiar and comfortable.

In February, IBM Watson announced Watson Anywhere — which allows you to bring AI to your data instead of the other way around. In support of that strategy you can now use Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data to close existing knowledge gaps…

Isabel Kreitler

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