This is me, trying to write in english for the first time in my life, so, I think I´m a courageous person in this moment, because I don´t care for the mistakes that I can do, or about your judgment. I am just trying. 
I don´t care if It seems ridiculous, what would be ridiculous for you? 
Yesterday I was talking with friends about our lifestyle: why the people want to be so similar to each other?

I will give a simple example about this: Look the people eyebrows. Everyone wants to have the same eyebrow, the perfect eyebrows.

I really don´t care if you want to have the perfect eyebrow, but I am a little curious about: Why do you want to have the perfect eyebrow? The perfect eyebrow is the same eyebrow from your colleague?

Particularly I wouldn´t like to have eyebrows that look like a painting.

But, it´s my opinion, I have my opinion, you have your opinion and we can be happy together.

I wish I did not have to apologize about my opinion ever, of course, if I’m not hurting you.

Coming back to the subject: Why the people wants to be so similar each other? I remember when I was young, I wanted to be like some celebrity, I wanted have her hair, her skin, the same clothes that she had, and I really tryied to be, but I couldn´t.

I was never unhappy about it, of course I felt frustrated several times and I spent a lot of money with this.

Nowadays I am trying to found interesting people, who thinks like me and try to be lighter, it´s hard to be lighter with so many things that happen around you and so many people telling you about what´s the perfect way to live, to do, to eat, to be... but as I said, I am trying.

I don´t intend to be perfect, or teach you about something, I just training my english writing, so, feel free to continuous here with me or leave.

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