The Internet Acronyms Favored by Oddly Specific Personality Types

Young Moms with Short Haircuts Styled with Copious Amounts of Hairspray (who Voted for Trump)

Favorite Internet Slang: “SMH”

Meaning: Shaking My Head

Can also use: SMDH, Shaking My Damn Head, for when you are really angry.

Usage: Generally used to express anger, shock, and outrage at trivial things.

How to Use: Trans people shouldn’t have been allowed in the Army in the first place. SMH.

Other Use: Our useless school system won’t allow my son Brian to bring his own soccer ball to practice. SMDH.

Teens Who Have a Lot of Friends and Are More Popular Than You

Internet Slang: “ILYSM”

Meaning: I Love You So Much

Usage: Can commonly be found on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, possibly more. Not Facebook, the teens don’t use Facebook anymore.

How to Use: [When commenting on a friend’s Instagram photo] “You look so pretty, ILYSM!”

Other Use: When writing incredibly long diatribes given their limited vocabulary in social media posts when it’s their BFF’s birthday and you have to write a special post.

Old People Who Don’t Understand Facebook

Internet Slang: “TY”

Meaning: Thank You

Usage: When responding to a piece of knowledge that they had asked for, or when mistakenly responding to a post that was not intended for them.

How to Use: [Wal Mart’s Facebook] We are offering our loyal customers 20% off Tyson chicken nuggets today!

[Old person commenting] TY