Panel 1 Report

  1. During Alan Borning’s presentation, I learn a lot of examples about interaction design prototyping for OBA. However, the one aspect that most stood out to me will be they design a function that shows the arrive time of the bus. They added this function mainly because they find the difference between schedule and real time information. After they add this function they bulid a contact between drivers and passengers and that shows their design is a really useful interaction design.

2. During Laura Barboza’s presentation, she said after they did the usability test for the participant, they figure out that the users will confuse about the “early discount” for the anniversaries of Nordstorm. The reason for the confuse is because they have two prices under the products and didn’t explain it well to their users. In order to solve this problem they added some picture to explain the confues part for the users. This is the one most aspect of the project that stood out to me.

3. In my own work of interaction design and usability test. For the usability test of my own work, I will focus on think more about how the users feel my design and how can they understand my design. For the interaction design I need to focus on make a contact between the designer and users.