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Sketch-notes by author. Excerpted from Facilitating Collaboration, Brandon Klein and Dan Newman.

Recently, I’ve started a Facilitation Community of Practice for museum professionals. With remote work, we needed to vastly/rapidly improve our work in a virtual domain. We can’t let our low literacy of virtual work practices detrimentally affect our relationships or projects. Enter Liberating Structures. A way to structure conversations that leaves everyone energized, engaged and uplifted. The reason is pretty simple, at its core, our individual time is respected and their voices are heard. In small conversations, we can all feel comfortable to participate. With a clear purpose in mind and time for self-reflection, we can all collect our thoughts and feel prepared to contribute. Liberating Structures is a game-changer for results and it’s deeply compassionate. I have been using Liberating Structures for a few months and I found that the best way to practice is by doing. To do though, gotta have other people. I wrote up a brief list of suggestions for how to sell new working tools. …

Isabella Bruno

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