• Seema R.

    Seema R.

    Tech, Games, Inclusion, Museums, Nonprofits, Change, Twitter @artlust Website: www.brilliantideastudio.com

  • Sam Surya

    Sam Surya

  • Robert J Weisberg

    Robert J Weisberg

    I write about the culture inside cultural organizations. I also blog as Museum Human at www.museumhuman.com.

  • David Bassuk

    David Bassuk

    director, producer, educator Transmedia & performance - Prof Purchase College, SUNY

  • Rachel Ropeik

    Rachel Ropeik

    I’m a museum adventurer on an ongoing quest to make museums the fun, inclusive, exciting spaces they can be.

  • George Aye

    George Aye

    Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Greater Good Studio. Full Professor (Adj) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • Lori Hamilton

    Lori Hamilton

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