Scott Dikkers

Write down something Scott says and fact check it. Is he right? Wrong? Somewhere in between?

I went to the website of “the onion” and I checked that they didn’t published the names of the writers and they do. I thought that this was one of the most intresting things because the magazine works as a whole even in there writting.

Summarize in a paragraph the point of the interview.

I think that what the point of the interview was getting to get to know the “backstage” production of his book “Trump’s America: Buy This Book and Mexico Will Pay For It.” He asks a lot of questions of the beggining of the onion, how they started this satire magazine, and also how they do it.

Now write a headline that summarizes the interview.

Pealing the onion of the magazine

Ask one of your classmates on this email what stood out to them the most in the interview. Share that in your post. Include their full name and major.

Her name was Marie Kate McInerney and she said that what stood out to her most was that “The Onion” never puts writers names on articles to make it more mysterious, and to make sure that the brand isn’t diminished when writers leave. Her major is Advertising.

What did this teach you about media writing and the concept of “We are all the media now”?

This teached me that there are multiple ways to write an article and that it can sometimes be not that seriuos. The concept of “We are all the media now” includes the people that want to write in a different way and also read different things and that all makes as use the media because there are so many option and also it doesn’t matter where you are from and how old you are the media is talking about what is happening around you so we are all involve.

What was most useful to you about this experience?

To find something different, that is big but nobody has notice.

Anything else to add?

I thought that Scott had really great ideas and a different perspectives about writing.