From Forums to 140 Characters

The Do’s and Don’ts of Netiquette

As a new blogger, one thing that can be said is the Internet is very confusing. Each interface is different. From the platform’s I know which are limited — Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat — to the new platforms i’m exploring — Twitter and Medium, nothing is the same. Except the Netiquette. It always stays the same, the rules seem simple and yet with so many different interactions available it can get overwhelming. Do you follow everyone back on Instagram? Leave the Friend Requests on unread if you don’t know them or can you delete them? Do you Love all 32 Instagram posts from that one friend? Whats the deal with posting anonymously?

Butlikemaybegif sourced: Observer.

Netiquette is the Guide to all the questions the internet leave you with. Read receipts, commenting on forums, messaging privately and more, anything you post using an IP address is under the rules of the Net. There’s no such thing as being Neutral on the web. So instead of not caring what people think #bringthehaters , here’s a guide to help you be a positive force on a few different platforms.



The main part I love about it is the variety of pictures. One thing that isn’t necessary are 14 posts in one day…by one person. That all look the same. As Miss Netiquette says“posting the self-shot on the regular just makes you look self-obsessed. Does the world really need 12 pictures of your face taken from a flattering high angle?

#It is never appropriate to use more than four #hashtags per picture. That is all.

Find your target audience. Try not to combine your personal account with your friends account. Many people know how hard it is to draw that line, but just because i’m friends with you on Instagram doesn’t mean I want to be bombarded about how I need to do yoga because you do it. It’s not my thing. IF I wanted to follow wellness blogs I would. But I don’t.

How I feel Every time people post fitness challenges I need to try. Source

Send the love to people. Like the picture’s you want to like. Love the pictures you want to love. Be plentiful with your ❤’s and people will give back. Just try not to like pictures too far back…then it gets a bit creepy.

Facebook and Open Forums


Likes and comments on open forums are especially important because they’re more visible. If you don’t want people to comment on Instagram you turn off Comments. Most sites don’t have that. Which means you should keep in mind a few different things.

Hating on people is not okay. Don’t post mean things on other peoples posts. Don’t make fun of people on Forms. Don’t go to threads you don’t agree with and attack them. It’s called Cyberbullying. It’s not okay. It hurts. Don’t do it anonymously. Don’t do it to people you know. If the people you attack aren’t harming others, they don’t deserve your hate. Just don’t do it.

when people are mean. Source: gify

Don’t send unsolicited pictures. Please. Please stop. You may find it funny. You may think this will make our days. It won’t. If no one asked for it please don’t provide it. This is across ALL platforms.

The only acceptable pick. Source: fansoftaylor

Don’t be passive aggressive and hashtag very specific things. Everyone knows its directed at someone you know. All you’re doing is making the fight worse. Your friends usually know who it is. The person being called out don’t appreciate being called out in an indirect way and will then passive aggressively call you out too. And sometimes if you’re lucky someone will think it’s about them but it's not. So no one wins and everyone leaves feeling hurt except you because #I’mcleansingmyselfofallthenegativeinmylifeIdon’tneedyoutobethatcoughbeckywiththegoodhaircough

If someone doesn’t want to be tagged, or asks you not to post a picture of them please respect that. You don’t know their situation. It might be strict parents or problems with Stalking, or anything in between. Some people like their privacy and don’t want everyone to know their life.


The Last tidbit of Advice I would give you is don’t post/Like/Swipe when you’re drunk…it never goes well.

Source: Hopper