<head> <title>I Chose to Hire a Programer </title>

<h1>The first time I tried HTML and why I may never do it again </h1></head>

Coding at it’s finest…I think. Source:Gfycat


<p> I’m a theatre kid. I really am. I like to use technology and I learn just enough about technology to be able to have a conversation with my colleges. But in high school when we were given the opportunity to do programming, I chose Guitar. So occasionally when people talk about all the cool things that they can do with their programming knowledge I get <em>a bit envious</em>. I mean it’s cool. You can make your own program! So I though, hey why not. Now I know there are <strong>Many</strong> reasons why I won’t be coding. </p>

I may have tried to do this is in a day (a few of my achievements)

<p> One of the first reasons seems to go along the lines of even when I think I’m doing it right…I’m not. Code Academy is good because they won’t let you move on to the next lesson until you’ve done it right, which includes uppercases being banned in instructions. It is literally a screen that has what you're coding at the HTML level and one for what it looks like if it were a web browser. Apparently The design of code academy is even better than it used to be — My friend who I almost killed is also a computer programmer. </p>

me making a note within a code.

<p> The coding itself doesn’t seem hard but there are a lot of rules to HTML and a lot of different words that mean different things. It’s literally a different language with a lot of <> and dashes. It progressively gets harder until you can’t remember which alternate word goes with which, and apparently there are also shortcuts for things as well. </p>

How I imagine I looked trying to code. Source:

<p> HTML is also not considered a proper code. Because it only does the surface of a site, it is considered a markup language. But I stilled learned to program with it so I count is a real programming language. I liked the fact that if you do something wrong while typing the colours of the symbols and letters change. </p>

Not mine. Source: WordPress.

<p> I’ve programmed for Arduino’s before, so I found this to have a similar layout but very different in terms of words used and variables added. As well they use different brackets and ways of closing off a line of code. I found Arduios easier to program because you get to name most of the code and it uses english words that literally mean what you want, not letters. </p>

Can’t really program but I have other skills. Source: Tumblr.

<p> Over all, I would say I don’t have a chance at becoming a programer for websites. Can I bold or italicize a word? yup! I can even add a hyperlink to a website and create headers in 3 sizes. But after this lesson was finished I realized I’m better off hiring someone then trying to create something. </p>