I can’t tell you what happened. It’s a Secret

My terrifying Escape room experience and the tech behind it.

Let it be known that I don’t do Horror. I like to read it, but I can’t watch it without wanting to die a little inside. However, for my friends 21st birthday we did a horror escape room. He chose Escape Games with the Unknown escape room. I was not a part of the choice process but went along anyways. Because that’s what friends do. Granted I can’t tell you what happened — it’s part of the rules for this room — but I can tell you how I felt and some of the cool tech behind it.

Me literally the ENTIRE TIME. Source: Pinterest.

Now to put this unknown escape room into perspective, this is the description from the website:

I’m sorry WHAT ABOUT HEART CONDITIONS? Source: Escape Room.

Yes you read that right.That was my FIRST impression of the game going in. I also should not forget to mention that this is the second room escape I’ve ventured to try, the first being the VERY TAME Casa Loma story based room which should be noted was a blast. But before you go in to have a scare, you need to do the real life things, like paying and waiting.I’ll give you a little bit of info to set the scene. I pick up my best friend and we drive down together. Driving there was easy, the building has parking and the red brick is very non threatening. I mean it’s located beside a day care.The inside is also fairly welcoming, with lots of seating and lockers to put your electronics — because one is not allowed to use their phone in the room. All the staff was lovely and engaging which was quite nice.

The google maps of this Escape room. If you look to the left of it you can see a daycare. Source: Google Maps.

We all pay and wait a few minutes. The fear and excitement it something you can taste bouncing from one person to the other as we mull over what this room could possibly be. We all give our tickets to a lovely employee and head to the end of the building. The only things I will tell you is 1. I hid in the corner a few times and 2. I almost killed the friend who I drove to the place with a chokehold…twice.

I honestly cried a bit. Source: Escape Rooms

But enough about the fear. Even through the mask of terror over my brain I was looking at all the automated parts of the experience. They had Arduino controls for different parts of simple automation. I think there was 3 of them but we only used two. They used scenic tracks for one long section and voice recordings. There wasn’t that much automation in the room, however it was highly interactive. Most of the automation was behind the scenes, but the things that were not automated used things like magnets and locks to cause you to think. The escape room really used sensory deprivation to trick you. It was amazing in terms of the way they used tech. Don’t think it distracted me. I was still terrified.

My feelings towards the tech in the game. Source: Pinterest.

I wouldn’t change anything about the experience because even though I wanted to die it was amazing. I really liked that after the game we talked with the game master about what went well and wrong and how every group is different. But I might take a break from Escape rooms for a little while — a few years at least.