It’s Like a Newspaper without the Sports

How Netvibes blew my mind.(And yes you can follow sports)

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to getting my news. Up until a few years ago I was getting Science magazines sent to my house. I pick up the newspaper from school. I read only the good parts and puzzle over the Sudoku. I’m a large fan of sticking my hand out the window to feel the temperature and pray it doesn’t rain. I follow 4 people on Twitter and don’t post on social media, so immersing myself in the world of digital news can feel daunting. I thought tackling a source point website was going to be a mountain. Instead I found it as easy as flipping the pages of the paper.

A picture of me figuring out the weather. Source: Imgur.

But I love it. It even emails me when it’s raining outside. It’s been 4 days of glorious news. I don’t have the school paper because the subscription is Monday-Friday and I went home for Thanksgiving. But I’m getting all the information I crave and more. I’m really into American politics for obvious reasons — Trump is crazy and I’m terrified for their country. But I also like to know what’s happening in other news that is less updated. Netvibes gives me that oportunity. They have me set up in the VIP trial for 14 days, so I don’t really know how it will change when it goes back to the basic dashboard.

A view of the CNN dash. Source: Netvibes.

I love how simple it was to setup. I inputed a few key words to track and on different tabs it does that. It even allows you to be alerted if specific things within the topic happen. Any topic of your choice allows you to set up peramiters for emailing you information. For example I chose; every time an article mentions Mike Pence I get an email — I like to keep up with the crazy. However if I tag an article on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama it sends me an email so I have a place to find it — I’m not bias, but I wish Obama could still be president.

My face when people say he’s good. Source: Pinterest.

Each dashboard tab is dedicated to one News outlet, which allows me to follow different view points without having them mushed together. I like that I can read Democratic/Republican/nonpartisan articles from news outlets I know of. I don’t like that if the dashboard doesn’t realize you just want articles from say The Economist and you write in “The Economist” it pulls articles that have been tagged “The Economist.” Granted it’s ridiculously cool that it has the brain power to do that, but I was hoping for some free articles.

When you read an Article you get other articles by the same news outlet. Source: Netvibes.

Now the real fun begins; multiple dashboards. I didn’t understand the whole concept of different dashboards at first, until I realized YOU CAN PUBLISH YOUR DASHBOARD FOR OTHERS TO SEE!

My feelings towards all the features on this site. Source:

Not only do I get to personalize my information flow, I GET TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE. Now I’m not saying I would. But the possibilities are endless. You can — if you pay $649/month for premium — actually embed a public dashboard into your website. But for free or VIP — $2/month — , you can link it to Google business. You can manage Facebook fan pages and Twitter feeds. Youtube, Wordpress and Medium are also included. It’s a fascinating thought that one site allows you to pull information from the entire internet and broadcast it to your subscribers on multiple sites. It’s the centre point for data spread. And It really allows you to thrive and expand. Its interoperability (see how I linked this too class) makes it an easy to learn app that anyone can use with existing social media accounts, or it lets users keep their feeds separate. Is that a win? I think so.

How I feel using this site. Source: Know your meme