5 Tips To Remember While Training New Hires

At one point or another in your career, maybe that summer you worked at Dairy Queen or when you bagged groceries for a couple years, I bet you have had to show someone how to complete a task or maybe even prepare them to take your place. And I am sure you know, that it isn’t always easy.

When you are “training” a new employee, someone who has little understanding of how everything operates, on top of the fact that they barely know you, it can be overwhelming and even frustrating. It’s important to keep in mind that we need to have the one thing that many of us lack: patience.

Remember, the sooner they are able to understand, the sooner they become a crucial asset to the operation. Before you become frazzled and scatter-brain while trying to complete the work you have at hand while explaining every detail of the process to the trainee, consider these helpful tips.

1. Explain, Explain, Explain

Even though it seems annoying, there is no harm in repeating yourself. Be as clear as you can with not only the instructions but the expectations of the task at hand. The trainee might not be as open to asking questions right away, so the more detailed you are, the better chance they have of understanding.

2. Be Approachable

I am sure you have been there — at a new job, afraid to ask any questions around the manager that doesn’t seem like they want to give you the time of day. Don’t be that manager! Be friendly and be open to answering any questions addressing any concerns they might have.

3. Be Encouraging

Starting a new job can be intimidating and overwhelming, so be thoughtful and let your trainee know they are doing well! Showing support is much more motivating than going by the “No news is good news” rule.

4. You Were In Their Shoes

Remember, you once were the trainee. You know how hard the adjustment and learning curve can be, so have patience. Think of the things that would have made your training experience better and implement them moving forward.

5. Have Fun!

This is a NEW job, so have fun! This is a new change for the person you are training and they are excited about this new endeavor, so help them get acclimated and use humor in the process! We spend quite a bit of our time at work. It should at least be a little fun, don’t you think?

Being the trainee and the trainer are two roles we will all play at one point or another in our lives. Remember these tips to ease the process. Patience is crucial and it’s important to keep in mind that everyone learns in their own way, at their own pace.