Your Journal Journey: A Question A Day Keeps Writer’s Block Away

Having trouble getting started with your journal? Try answering these questions to get you started.

In my last post, “Why I Write Every Day And Why You Should Too,” I covered not only why I find journaling to be beneficial, but how you can journal too! As well as the importance of keeping track of our thoughts, feelings, and ideas, the other great thing about writing is that it makes us stop for a second and simply reflect and gather our thoughts. We are constantly rushing around every day between work, classes and friends. We aren’t even aware of all the thoughts that come in and out of our heads, especially the ones that can spark inspiration! I love when I can sit down, stare at my blank laptop screen and pour my thoughts onto the page. For me, there isn’t a better release.

However, as a writer, someone who not only writes for compensation but for fun, I understand that starting a journal is not easy for everyone. If it was, I wouldn’t be writing about how to help you start writing!

In my eyes, a journal is equivalent to reading someone’s mind because it is the purest form of thought. You aren’t writing with the intention that it will be graded or that someone will read it. You are writing simply for you. Like anything else in life, it is important to have a goal in mind. What do you want to get out of journaling? Are you writing to express yourself, test your limits or find things out about yourself that you may not have known before?

For anyone who is starting a journal or anyone who is looking to deepen their journaling experience, I highly recommend using journal prompts (questions to answer) to get you started! It helps get the thoughts flowing and get you thinking in a different light that is out of your comfort zone.

Below I have listed a journal prompt to answer for each day of the week, give it a try!


What are you most grateful for and why?


What was the last thing that you really wanted and didn’t get?


What are five adjectives to describe the feeling of being in “love”?


In the past year what has caused you the most stress?


When you are feeling down, what is your go-to “pick me up”?


Did you spend all week waiting for Friday? If so, Why?


To date, what would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Don’t just answer the questions, but let them inspire you. Think about your life in the sense of one big picture and go from there. We all have creativity somewhere buried inside us and sometimes we have to dig a little deep to find it. Make your journal a reflection of YOU. If you want to draw answers to the questions, draw them. If you want to list words that the question brings to mind, list away! Creativity is limitless and all it takes is one question per day, for one week, to get started!

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