The American State has no argument, no reason and no excuse for its’ actions.

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The unalienable rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are words etched into the fabric of the western world. Words which are echoed in spirit in constitutions in many countries and paralleled in international law. Yet, the country where these words originate has been led sweltering into an unjust desert of despondency. The river of justice has been scorched by the United States Government and it’s vast and oppressive institutional apparatus.

All around the world people are marching in protest for George Floyd and…

It is the certain knowledge we are running a marathon and not a sprint.

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The remnants of ancient philosophies still directly influence contemporary culture. Often, this influence is beyond our cultural memories, and so, invisible to us. Yet, sometimes we can be aware of these historical legacies. This is especially true for stoicism. Stoicism has trickled down through time and into widespread, contemporary attitudes.

This is best demonstrated through our use of the term ‘to be a stoic’ or ‘to be stoical’. Stoicism, or more precisely a stoic attitude, is best associated with the image ‘a stiff, upper lip’. People…

Bertrand Russell’s ‘shilling shocker’ and it’s century old legacy

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Black and White Photo of Bertrand Russell taken in 1957

Bertrand Russell was the most famous British philosopher of the 20th century. His work spanned from detailed analysis of mathematics and logic to influential essays on pacifism and religion. His huge philosophical and literary output awarded him the 1950 Nobel prize for Literature. His philosophical legacy is still widely felt in university philosophy departments today, especially in the english-speaking world.

In 1912, whilst a philosophy lecturer at Cambridge University, he published a very short but succinct book called ‘The Problems of Philosophy’. It concentrates mainly on epistemology; a branch of philosophy…

René Descartes, the founder of modern philosophy and mathematics.

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A black and white print of René Descartes

Renè Descartes is a famous philosopher considered to be the founding father of ‘modern’ philosophy. He was born in 1596, in small town called La Haye, in west-central France. It was later renamed ‘Descartes’ in honour of the great philosopher. The frenchman was writing in a time, and indeed was instrumentally in defining that time, as an era moving from the medieval period into the modern period.

The ‘modern’ philosophers are thinkers who were trying to reconcile the beginnings of modern science with deeply held religious beliefs. …

Stoicism can teach us to be better people and leaders

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Marcus Aurelius, the famous Stoic Roman Emperor, wrote private notes to himself on philosophical topics, such as how to live well and how to be a good leader. He starts the Meditations, as they are now known, by thanking people who have influenced his personal and philosophical development. Marcus, who by Roman standards, is considered to be one of the greatest Emperors mentions some specific virtues he prizes the most in the development of a good character.

1. Courtesy

As the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, lived and socialised amongst the Roman elite. Roman high society was filled with many nuanced social etiquettes…

Stoic philosophy is a way of life — a practical philosophy designed for us to gain control over our thoughts.

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The Meditations is a series of short philosophical reflections written by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. His private meditations on the meaning of life, the value of people and the emotions went on to influence generations of people. The meditations has a lasting cultural legacy on western history and thought.

Meditations book one starts with a list of all the people Marcus Aurelius is thankful for. He wrote a gratitude list for the important people throughout his life. He mentions the people who have shaped him and moulded him as a person.

It’s interesting…

The secret to living a more purposeful and intentional life in the time of COVID-19.

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Now, more than ever, our homes have become our sanctuary. A retreat from the chaos of the contemporary world. The home is our safe haven gifting us with privacy and freedom, unlike the current experience of our public lives. The home is a reflection of who we are and what we believe. It is a reflection of our values and the investments we make within in our lives.

Our homes and private spaces are a matter of pride for us. Another way we could look…

How to Stay Positive during the Coronavirus Crisis

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Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

The coronavirus is the unexpected global story of 2020 with the crisis looking as if it will continue for many more months. Governments around the world have taken unprecedented measures in an effort to slow down or halt the spread of the virus. Potentially, it is an extremely deadly and contagious disease. One which must be globally managed in order to save lives.

A successful strategy, first used in China, is a city-wide or country-wide lockdown. Hundreds of millions of people are finding their lives disrupted as they are ordered to stay…

I became a happier and more fulfilled person.

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When I began bullet journaling, I was depressed. It was the summer after my first year of university and I went home to work in a shop over the summer holidays. Yet, nothing felt further from the sunshine and warmth outside. I fell into a deep sadness; only able to put on my ‘happy face’ for the customers until the moment I went home again.

I was becoming forgetful and more disorganised than usual. Simple tasks became overwhelming and difficult to manage. My social life was suffering and I fell into a…

Five simple changes to help save the environment

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One of the 20 billion plastic bottles used every year.

We all want to save the environment and protect our beautiful home for future generations. And it is no secret how our plastic consumption is littering the planet with an almost indestructible material.

There are some devastating photos of plastic litter spread across entire rivers and beaches. And don’t forget the heart-breaking videos of animals who have accidentally swallowed our plastic rubbish. So, it’s time to take some responsibility for what we use in our daily lives.

5 Simple Swaps to Plastic-Free Alternatives

  1. Swap a plastic bag for a cotton Tote bag or a bag-for-life.

Some countries have already made it illegal to give away free…

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