Technology Today

Technology has evolved over the ages. According to my book it started with the number system to our technology now.The decimal system utilized ten digits:zero through nine. Then came the computation tools which are things that help us enumerate or count before our time today.After that came the first place-value numeral system.Sometime after, the abacus was invented. The abacus was the first calculating system.Then major developments came like the Aristotle and the Tree of porphyry,John Napier’s Bones,Wilhelm Schickard’s Calculating Clock, Pascal’s arithmetic machine,Gottfried Wilhelm von Leidniz’s stepped Reckoner, Joseph-Marie jacquard’s loom,Charles Babbage’s machines,binary arithmetic, boolean logic and Hollerith’s tabulating machine up to the technology today.Technology has helped m and affected my life through my phone for my homework, requirements and expanding my knowledge. Google is my go-to search engine since it is fast and popular.It also affected mae through movies , television shows , games and new gadgets . Technology let’s my time pass by because of the advancements recently.most popular phone brands samsung and apple are probobly rich since most people want the lataest phone models.Technology has helped our government offices, hospitals, and our schools. most g

fans use the internet today to search about their obsessions like the k-pop fans and the film fans. I personaly obsess over the harry potter film series and the amazing wizzarding world created by J.K Rowling. My go-+to music app is spotify . I can save my favorite songs . I also use youtube since I can watch and save offline.many people today have phones but let’s not forget our family. One day you might lift your head up and their not here any more so still know when to put your gadget down and have time for your family since thy are god’s blessing to all mankind

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