New Year, Same Shutdown.

After the House and Senate rejected the $5 billion border wall, Trump was “proud” to declare a partial government shutdown.

Newly appointed Speaker Pelosi is the last individual any rational person would place odds upon to vote in favor of Trump’s wall. However, Trump is refusing to reopen until a decision is reached.

The clock is ticking with no decision in sight, and the shutdown is encroaching the 1995 shutdown to reign as the longest in U.S. history.


Dec. 22- Shutdown Begins:800,000 federal workers are impacted, 350,000 are furloughed and the rest working without compensation.

Christmas Eve: A 14-year-old girl plunges 700 feet down a canyon at Glen Canyon National Park in Arizona. No park rangers were on duty to prevent or mitigate the accident, due to the shutdown.

Christmas: Victor Mendez (and his dog) suffer a deadly head injury from a fall in Yosemite National Park, no rangers were patrolling the area and when first responders arrived they had limited resources.

Dec. 27: A woman in Smoky Mountain National Park is struck by a fallen tree and died before first responders found her.

January 6: NASA and NOAA are absent from the 99th Annual American Meteorological Society Meeting,

The Affected

The 39 million Americans dependent on Food Stamps are facing food insecurity as the Agriculture Departments funds run out.

Unpaid TSA employees begin calling out sick to work — some quitting, all posing a massive national security risk.

Nearly 5,000 federal employees residing in D.C., Maryland and Virginia applied for unemployment benefits.

Disaster relief funds nationwide have been put on hold, hopefully God knows he needs to postpone any and all natural disasters until Trump gives the code word.

Federal hires are put on hold. The dangerously understaffed FDA cannot yet onboard the 2019 hires, nor pursue any further recruits. With luck, no more massive romaine or cauliflower recalls will be plaguing the agriculture industry under limited means of crisis management.

Corporate America is pinching its pennies while they cannot declare themselves public, nor can international mergers and acquisitions take place.

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