What I learned before quitting my job

August 31, 2016: My last email, on my last day of work.

  1. More important than learning itself is to learn to forget what you’ve learned, so that you can learn again. We talk all the time about the experiences and what we learned through them as an accumulation of things. However, the world is constantly changing and rarely do we set ourselves to let our learnings aside to start from scratch and really learn something new. It worth trying.
  2. We are plural. We have always liked a lot of things: people, food, movies, sports, and places. Today, I can’t find the point in becoming a specialist in something. In our connected world, we have all possible types of education and learnings available in a screen connected to Wi-Fi. The important part is to make connections between the plural and disconnected learnings in our way and construct our own visions.
  3. Life is simple. The world is huge and technologies allow us basically anything we might want to do from where we want. Anything you might think probably already exists or there’s someone already developing it. We’re prisoners of ourselves and nothing else.
  4. At the end of the day what matters are the people. The sales goal not achieved or the sellout campaign developed become secondary. The kindness we transmit in the “good mornings,” the person with whom we shared that coffee or the pleasure to work together in a team is what makes the difference. The rest is the rest.
  5. If it doesn’t make you feel something it doesn’t make sense. And that’s why I’m leaving this today. For a long time during these 3 years and 8 months it made a lot of sense. For a little while it hasn’t made me feel that something anymore, and that’s the reason why I’m leaving today. To new experiences that hopefully will make sense.