Guest Post: How — and Why — I Made a Movie That Tackles Mental Health
Women and Hollywood

I really like that this woman-focused (and woman-directed!) film discusses the issue of mental health. While I do not suffer from any sort of mental illness, I have friends and family members that do, and I’ve seen them try to hide the fact that they do. I find a similar personality relationship between Grace, who is threatening the lives of those around her, and Frida Kahlo, as portrayed in the 2002 film Frida. Frida suffers from a deep depression since her bus accident that occurred during her teen years. Since then, she’s led a miserable life, similar to one Grace might have had. What I appreciate about what this article says about Without Grace is that one of the purposes is to empower community, like Frida’s family community, especially towards the end when she is confined to her bed her husband, Diego Rivera, and her other relatives, especially her sister, Cristina Kahlo, take care of her through both her easy and her hard days. I appreciate this post a lot and would be interested in seeing this emotional short film.