Iowans of color disagree over whether their home state should still vote first.

An Iowa cornfield, with bales of hay in the foreground.

A photo of a cow made of butter.

Both middle Americans and coastal journalists have proclaimed that the Heartland is uniquely kind. And both have oversimplified life here by doing so.

Learning about dinuguan helped me feel closer to my identity as a second-generation Filipino American

A bowl of Dinuguan, a Filipino stew made from pork and pig’s blood.
Credit: MychkoAlexander/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Photo collage via Lena Dunham’s Instagram account, showing the first night and a year after…
Source: YouTube video of ME/CFS Millions Missing protest outside of the Department of Health and…

Isabella Rosario

Iowa-based freelance writer with work in Greatist, Healthline, Little Village Magazine, The Daily Iowan, and ZORA Magazine by Medium. Twitter: @irosarioc

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