Toogit : New way of smart freelancing

Freelancing used to be a dream of an average employee sitting and moaning in cubical. But in last decade, new inventions in online world made it easy and possible for everyone of us. Now anyone, with some expertise, can become a high earning freelancer working from home.

But when something reaches on a saturation point, new inventions take birth. This is true with freelancing as well. In last few year, this business grew like a weed. But with this growth, there came a saturation point and hence the time for new innovations. Toogit, after a long time of research and development, invented a new way of freelancing. Smart freelancing.

Import ratings and reputation

This feature is a boon for a freelancer. Imagine having a top rated profile on one place but zero reputation on other. At some point, we have to expand our business on new platform. Expand your business on Toogit with your all past ratings and reputation and become top rated on day one. Import your profile.

Automated proposals

Imagine being offline and missing a project. Auto proposals on Toogit work with the client’s consent. If a client is accepting auto proposal to expedite hiring process, your proposal will be submitted automatically if the project meets your criteria.


Lowest commission in the freelancing world, 8% without any hidden charges. That too is for very short time. Toogit is aiming to make it 0%.

Long term projects

Its not a hidden fact that some of popular marketplaces are not efficient enough to maintain long term projects. Toogit specializes in maintaining long term projects with a premium project management tool which is offered free.

Toogit is vision of a freelancer to make freelancing far better and smart then ever. All above are just a glimpse of smart freelancing started by Toogit. It started an era of automated freelancing, no more tough time for clients and freelancers.

Toogit welcomes you, gain new heights of success with us.